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What is Bio-Based Carbon?

Simply put, an organic fertiliser whose main ingredient is organic matter (OM), but as a real carbon element (carbon), and minerals that become available during cultivation. Carbon is a stage further than just organic matter, the element is directly active in the soil and does not need to be broken down first!

Bio-Based Carbon consists for approx. 45-50% of stable OS and the soil active element carbon, so approx. 450 kg per ton Bio-Based Carbon. The supply of stable OS is very high in comparison with other sources of organic matter. Bio-Based Carbon has no manure smell and is completely free of germs, weeds, etc. and meets the highest standards. The production process is innovative, sustainable, circular, has no waste flows and also produces green gas.

bio-based carbon

Bio-Based Carbon meets the EU 2019/1009 criteria to be recognised as an end-of-waste product and is therefore a raw material for agricultural applications. It therefore no longer has the status of animal manure!

Tabel dry matter

Bio-Based Carbon Fertilisers should be applied before the beginning of the cultivation. The quantity per ha. or per M3 of potting soil will also depend on the soil conditions, crop, etc. and will be, for example, approximately 800~1,500 kg/ha. for open field crops.

Soon Bio-Based Carbon will get its own website to bundle all specific information!

STERCORE has had its Bio-Based Carbon investigated, which has resulted in a report.

Stercor bio-based carbon